About Us


Just 2 People on a Mission to End Food Insecurity


The Virginia Free Farm @ Spotted Pig Holler was founded by Amy Rose & Derek in 2019. 

Derek proudly served this country as a Marine deployed in Iraq and Amy Rose is a veteran of the U.S. Army. They continue the legacy of service to others now by protecting the food security of the community around them.

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Return to Traditional Livestock Management

 Pastured Poultry produces healthier, cleaner, happier birds, and better quality eggs. They are free to exercise, forage naturally for food, and enjoy the fresh air & sunshine. The result is premium flavorful meat, & superior eggs. They are NEVER caged, NEVER given antibiotics, and humanely raised. Our birds are bred from home stock generation to generation for hardiness and hatched on premises in our incubator. None of our birds are genetically engineered broilers that gain weight so fast they cannot naturally reproduce or die young because their frame cannot support them. 


Responsibility to the Land

 AR honors her Abenaki/Penobscot heritage with companion planting practices handed down & perfected over millennia to produce massively abundant harvests efficiently using every inch of garden space efficiently. 



Educate & Grow


 By shopping the farm you are directly supporting our ability to grow free food for Virginia families. 



Educate & Grow


  Our Mission is to provide FREE nutritious lovingly grown produce and eggs to our neighbors in need. Our growing methods take the lead from mother nature & we honor the indigenous methods of controlled burn, & companion planting in order to avoid harming the plants and animals around us 


Educate & Grow

Educate & Grow

Educate & Grow

 Our planet needs our help and big ag CAFOs & subsidized mono culture is NOT the answer. Roughly 50 percent of all produce in the United States is thrown away—some 60 million tons (or $160 billion) worth of produce annually. The argument that big ag will feed the world is no longer a valid point. These operations cause harmful fish-kills, destroy the carbon sequestration capacity of our Great Plains, destroy habitat, poison the ground, sink farming families into debt, among other offenses. We want to expand our model in order to help teach others how to leverage these practices & form farming cooperatives to better use our collective strength to farm well, streamline distribution, and increase the quality of life & revenue for family farms.